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Umbrella | Excess Casualty

Solutions for the Wholesale/Surplus Umbrella and Excess Casualty Insurance Market

Denali Specialty can offer Excess and Buffer Layer Business on both a supported and unsupported
basis. Umbrella or Excess Following Forms.

The classes we typically target include construction, importers and distributors, product manufacturers
and OL&T or premises-related operations.

We offer exceptional service and fast turn-around time on every account!

Target Classes:

  • Commercial and Residential Contractors
  • Contractors and Farm Equipment Rental
  • Cosmetics and Personal Care Products
  • Energy-Related Classes
  • Environmental related Classes
  • Habitational, including Apartments and Condominiums
  • LRO / Retail
  • Machine Shops or Heavy Industrial
  • Recreational Facilities and Resorts
  • Special Events
  • Sporting Goods
  • Towing & Specialty Auto
  • Truck and Trailer Manufacturers

 Policy Structure:

  • Follow Form Excess or Umbrella over Claims Made or Occurrence forms
  • Minimum Premium per layer as low as $500
  • We can provide limits for Lead positions or Excess layers

Required Information:

  • ACORD Commercial Applications including Applicant section, Umbrella section,
    Commercial General Liability section, Copy of the UL quotes/policies
  • A complete description of operations
  • Supplemental applications where appropriate
  • Auto fleet breakdown by vehicle type, including radius of operations and
    commodities hauled
  • Five-year currently valued company loss runs with a description of any large
  • Website information, if available
  • Target premium, if known

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